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Vegetables Are Great on the Grill Too!

The grill is not just for meats anymore. You can cook an entire meal on the grill which is quite convenient and saves on clean up. Clear a space on that grill top for those delicious vegetables. You can grill a variety of vegetables on the grill. Contrary to popular opinion charcoal is not good for digestion unless they are trying to pump your stomach. The excess charring that can occur when grilled foods cook too long is dangerous. Chemicals created by the char can cause cancer in the long run. If you gril...


How to Avoid Wasting Your Holiday Leftovers

There are always leftovers that don't make the cut when it comes to family favorites. Heck, there are probably some that no one even wanted the first night, let alone as leftovers. With the amount of food on a typical holiday table, there is a strong chance that something is not going to make it on its own into the favorite food category. But, with a little help from the other dishes, you may be able to save the leftovers that no one wants from the garbage. Here are a few ideas on how to avoid the leftovers...


Middle Eastern Cuisine With Quinoa - A Healthy Delight

Quinoa has the ability to transport you around the world. But, probably the best vehicle for quinoa is any dish that has to do with Middle Eastern quisine. The sauces of this particular region's foods are so deep and intensely flavored, quinoa is to perfect compliment to stand up to this rich flavor. Adding quinoa to your Middle Eastern cravings not only adds nutritional value, it also increases the heartiness of your meal. Let's take a look at three Middle Eastern dishes you may be familiar with, and ho...


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