Thursday, November 18, 2010

1st Annual Cupcake Contest - - YES, Cupcake Contest

For a full 24 hours after the Cupcake Contest, I felt like I was ‘coming down’ off of the sugar and caffeine high that comes along with eating eight mini cupcakes and drinking three cups of coffee. Chocolate Pink here in Atlanta graciously hosted the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ 1st Annual Cupcake Contest where we ate and judged eight different flavors of Chocolate Pink cupcakes. I was envious of my tablemate Becky who practiced such self-restraint when tasting each cupcake. She ate only one bite of any flavor before drawing her conclusion about the cupcake. Becky chose not to completely finish her cupcakes for the betterment of her health. I’m still baffled by her self-control and moderation. My other tablemate Maggie slowly devoured each cupcake to completion. Savoring each bite . . . she took the longest to eat her cupcakes out of the entire group. I can appreciate her slow methodic evaluation of each cupcake; not taking lightly her final decision for the winner of each category. On the contrary, my method for judging the cupcakes was a little different from Becky and Maggie’s – the exact opposite in fact. ‘Fast and furious’ as I like to call it. I couldn’t help myself; these cupcakes were one-of-a-kind delicious and decadent. If cupcakes are in front of me, I have to eat them . . . in their entirety, and quickly. I'll admit the sugar and caffeine was a shock to my system, but in a non-regretful good way. After the event I was talking a little faster, I was a little gittery but giggly and extremely satiated. A large intake of sugar and caffeine never hurt anyone, right?!?

Since embarking on this journey to become a self taught chef, I quickly learned that I want to surround myself with other food bloggers and chefs that knew more about food than me. The Cupcake Contest was a bonding experience for the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Alliance. I feel like we’re getting to know each other more with each event that we experience together. I appreciate the bloggers’ opinions and palates, and often trust their tastes more than my own. I really like this group of men and women. Every member of the group is truly excited to learn about food, to eat food and to experience food.

Photo By Maggie Cubbler

In addition to the positive energy of the food bloggers, listening to Chef Christian Balbierer speak was an absolute treat (he is the lead chef at Chocolate Pink). Chef Christian embodies a passion for his craft in creating desserts that you don’t see everyday. Every cupcake is made from scratch; even the delicate garnishes on each cupcake are hand-crafted. I admire Chef Christian’s enthusiasm for his art, and I want to be like him. I have a new appreciation for recipe creation and the art of dessert presentation. I thought it was hilarious when someone asked Chef Christian why he became a pastry chef, “To meet girls” was his response. Ha! He said he met his wife through is career, and seduced her with a dessert. Nice.

Let me disclose the winners of the Cupcake Challenge – and who the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Alliance chose as the winners for each category:

Best Flavor, Best Presentation, Best Overall
Chocolate Peanut Butter

Photo by Kristina Akerman

Best Texture
Oreo Cookie

Most Unique (In a Good Way)
Pumpkin Maple with Bacon

Next week I will be posting the recipe for the winning cupcake . . . Chocolate Peanut Butter! Thank YOU so much Chocolate Pink - I can't wait to make this award winning cupcake.

Until then, a gift from Chocoalte Pink to my readers . . . a FREE Cupcake. No purchase necessary, just print the coupon and use it before December 31st 2010.


  1. What a nice review of the cupcake contest! It was so fun and you did a great job of putting everything together. I look forward to more events like this in the future!

  2. Oh that sounds delicious. I haven't heard of this place. I will have to check it out since its in Atlanta.

  3. A week later and I am still dreaming of the Strawberry Pop Tart cupcake from Chocolate Pink Cafe! What a fun event. It was much tougher than I expected to "judge" cupcakes. Let's do it again soon. Thank you!

  4. Mandy,
    Thanks for the shout out! Yea, too bad I couldn't eat the WHOLE cupcake like you and stay so thin. I wish! Thanks for setting up and planning such a great event!!