Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seasonal Fruit Bowl for the Train

I feel a little guilty about sending my husband off to work everyday. Truth be told, I kicked him out of his home office a few months ago. I too started working out of our residence and we quickly realized that two people working out of one condo gets a little tight. I love my husband, and he loves me . . . but seriously. Luckily my husband has an optional office building at his disposal, and we decided that he would use that workplace 3-4 days a week. At least until we get a bigger house or basement or more space so we don’t kill each other. In order to make his day a little more enjoyable, and to alleviate my guilty conscience about kicking him out of our home, I make a healthy fruit bowl for him every morning. It’s the least I can do for a husband who is “being forced to ride the train to work everyday.”

The Fruit bowl consists of:

Fruit (Sweet Fruit, that’s in Season)
Lemon or Lime juice to prevent fruit browning
Raisins (Golden or Regular Raisins)
Plain Greek Yogurt
Chopped Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts or Pecans)
Flax Seed Meal (adds texture, photo below)

A few things to note: I cut the fresh fruit into bite size pieces. For browning fruit such as apples or bananas I drop them into lemon or lime juice before placing them into the bowl (especially if the fruit bowl isn’t eaten immediately). I’m careful to only use sweet fruit– not tart fruit. With grapes I always test eat one at the store to make sure it’s a sweet batch. Raisins are always a nice accompaniment to the fruit bowl, since they’re extra sweet. I use Plain Greek Yogurt because it’s thicker and accompanies the sugary fruit perfectly. The Flax Seed Meal is the secret ingredient. It makes the fruit bowl hearty, filling and healthy. Here is a picture of the Flax Seed Meal product I use:

Since I’ve been assembling the fruit bowls for the past few months, I’ve become cognizant of which fruits are in season and which are out-of-place at the grocery store for the time of year. For example, I purchased a peach that was clearly a month or two out-of-season. I had so much fun with my fruit bowls when the Georgia peaches were ripe and I didn’t want the peach party to end. But purchasing a peach out of season was more expensive and even worse was the peach was tasteless and unusable. I couldn’t include the out-of-season peach in my fruit bowl. I had to throw it away. Sad face. This is what my fruit bowl looked like during peach party season. Goodbye summer, I’ll miss you.

As an aspiring self taught chef my goal is to stay on top of which fruits/vegetables are in season. Currently, I use Pears and Apples for my fruit bowls because that’s what’s in-season right now.

For more details on which fruits are in-season, I’ve been using this wonderful seasonal calendar for Fruits from CUESA:


  1. I do enjoy my morning fuit bowl!

  2. Nice photo! I love using all the seasonal fruits too. All he needs is some yogurt on the side. You are too sweet to send him food!

  3. It looks really good but the Greek yogurt is "white and creamy!" Does he eat that or just pick around it? :D

  4. I know!! He doesn't like white and creamy, except for yogurt. Isn't that weird?!? I think he tricked himself into liking yogurt because it's healthy.

  5. What a healthy way to start off the morning. Lovely addition with the yogurt.

  6. That's a really neat idea. Why do you add the flax seed meal though? Does it make it more filling, or is it just for the texture?