Monday, October 11, 2010

Crisping Greens, First Video Blog

I committed a rookie mistake at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market this weekend. My food blogger friend Becky and I watched a chef demo, and then after the demo we walked through the greenmarket to pick up a few goodies. And the rookie mistake began. . . I walked up to the first vendor and impulsively purchased a bag of greens from the first booth visited. Then post-purchase, and after further inspection, I noticed my greens were a little floppy and wilted. Bummer! Of course the very next booth we visited had the brightest, crispiest, most beautiful greens at the market. Buyer’s remorse instantly set in. Regret then morphed into sheer jealousy when Becky revealed that she purchased her crispy greens from the superior vendor earlier. How did she know which vendor had the best greens?? I would consider Becky an expert in the Farmers Market scene, so I felt honored to hear her outdoor market strategy: 1) always circle the Farmers Market once to inspect the vendors. 2) Don’t purchase anything until the 2nd walk around after you’ve compared all the vendors. That’s how Becky ended up with the finest greens, and my impulsive purchase left me stuck with flimsy depressing greens.

But have no fear, these wilted greens will not go to waste. As I was driving home from the Farmers Market ruminating over my flaccid leaves of lettuce, I thought it would be a great opportunity to produce my first video blog. I use the word ‘produce’ loosely. My first video blog is pretty much a home video that shows you how to liven up your greens if they’re droopy and sad. Chef Hector Santiago reminded me of this technique at his demo at the Farmers Market, and I adapted his technique with my new kitchen toy called the ‘Salad Spinner’. I figured it would be easiest to show the crisping technique through video, versus trying to describe over writing. I had to crisp my greens for lunch anyway AND I could show off my new Salad Spinner (win-win situation). Best of all, my droopy greens would not be sad anymore - - they would be happy, crunchy greens ready to make my lunch salad delightful.

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  1. Great tips...I do hate when I pick something up at a farmers market, then see something I should have purchased later.